Quality management – 2020

Innovative Shield Vietnam Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing high quality thin film packaging including electronic components packaging, food products packaging, compound film packaging, … rich in forms. , diverse in categories.

With modern equipment lines provided by reputable firms in the world, combining advanced technology and skilled technical team.

Quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 has been certified with product quality control processes from input, processing and output. Especially, 100% of the output is controlled by products with high quality requirements.

Quality assurance according to standards was established on the basis of understanding customer requirements and understanding the production capacity of the company.

Certificate image:

Quality control process for each stage:

Lab with modern equipment for checking the quality of input materials, semi-finished products, finished products through performance tests: COF / Friction coefficient, Tensile Strength / Tensile strength , Tear Strength / Tear Strength, Pucture Resistance / Puncture Resistance, Elongation / Elongation Rate,… Photos of lab equipment: Always proceed to resolve customer complaints quickly, accurately, completely and aim at not having complaints from customers. With the motto of sustainable development, continuous improvement, proactive quality assurance of products we believe we can satisfy our customers.

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