1.Anti-static bag does not work

Antistatic bag is a bag used to protect electronic components and components from damage caused by two phenomena: Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Electrostatic Attraction (ESA).

2. Classification

2.1 Antistatic Bag

The material is coated with an additive layer on the surface which helps prevent electrostatic accumulation. However, these materials will not protect the container from electrostatic discharge (ESD).

2.2 Shielding Bag

Shielding bags are resistant to electrostatic discharge, prevent the accumulation of static electricity. Shielding bags are composed of many layers and protect containers according to the principle of Faraday cages, eliminating external electromagnetic fields making the sides There is no electric field in the bag, nor does it protect the container from ESD.

2.3 moisture barrier bag (MBB) (moisture barrier bag)

Another type of bag is a moisture barrier (MBB). These materials shield from electromagnetic interference (EMI) as well as radio frequency interference and electrostatic discharge. This is mainly done by using a much thicker layer of metal in addition to inhibiting moisture transfer rate (MVTR) more than 20 times compared to conventional Shieding bag.

3. Standard double with anti-static bag

– Low resistance: for a bag with antistatic capability, the bag must have a surface resistance in the region 1.0E6 Ω à 1.0E11Ω (ANSI / ESD-STM 11.11) at 12% RH.

– The bag itself must produce less static electricity

– Bags must be capable of shielding to protect the device from damage by energy released from outside.